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August 9 at 2:33pm

Major Magazines For Free

By Ted Hope

As you know, “the future of everything is free”.  Certainly in the digital world, if you want anyone to read anything, you have to give it away.  It brightens my day to be able to get any major publication for nothing, even when they are magazines I wouldn’t normally read.  Now if someone will only give me the time it takes it look at them.

Fortunately, the device I found allows me to look at magazines on my iPhone, so the next time I am stuck with nothing to do (when was the last time that happened?), I can browse NME, Technology Today, or even Playboy.  Check out:   .  It’s very simple to set up when you do it directly from your iPhone.
Digital Inspiration also has a neat simple hack to be able to do it from your computer if you like a bigger screen.

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