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February 4 at 9:36am

Replace “Journalist/Journalism” With: “Filmmaker/Filmmaking”

By Ted Hope

Reading this post by Jay Rosen in PressThink this morning, it sure is clear the Film Biz is besieged with many  of the same problems and misconceptions as Journalism is.  My thoughts below are a reflection through my lens of what Rosen wrote on his site:

Good stories are built on commitment & focus — which is very hard to do when you have to do something else to earn a living.  We can’t just rely on each year’s new crop of filmmakers to make the beautiful ambitious tales.  Quantity should not be the method of creating quality.  The best collaborators will generate the best work.  Experience is the greatest gift as it will brighten all talents.

Even with the drop in the cost of production & release, creating without a sense of the ecosystem is akin to yelling alone in the forest.  Who’s that for?  Cinema is only complete when there is an audience — and when that is an engaged & participatory community it transforms into something greater.  I always liked an interview I read with Krzysztof Kieslowski where when asked what a correct budget was he said that an expensive cup of coffee made him feel the world was a horrible and unjust place.  There is a morality that comes with a modest approach to storytelling — one that allows for daring exploration of themes and forms (even if we are all too scared to regularly tread there).  People want to help and be part of the authentic and unique.  Just repurposing old forms for new platforms is lazy — and some think it is business.  Because you can hit “record” or type long lines of words does not mean you an artist, but inspiring creativity does go with that calling (as does inspiring emotion, action, hope, and change) — all which makes us feel good about being alive and what we may actually get done during our time here.  Let 5000 followers bloom, if you know what I mean.

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  1. Curtis David Sackett / Feb 4 at 9:36am

    I’ve heard that in an over-saturated market you gotta find a niche. In film the best niche has always been a great story that services your audience. Or even better “super” services your audience (think Tyler Perry).

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