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June 3 at 11:00am

Simple Fixes: Recommend Whom To Hire

By Ted Hope

The film business is often said to be dominated by white men.  It is.  But instead of complain let’s do something about it.  

It would be great if there was a website that promoted top candidates for hire, and with a dedication to diversity of all persuasions. The candidates could be across categories.

People both in production, corporate, and notforprofits complain to me that they need more diverse candidates.

Maybe no one is trying hard enough, but if there was a website that promoted new people everyday, that would at least shut down that argument.  Could we start something to solve this?  Let’s say anyone with 3 or more features under their belt, or three or more years within the business could recommend someone.  Let’s say it is done as a letter of recommendation with a link to your IMDB or Linked In.  

If people care, I think we could hit a new candidate for every work day.  Ideally we try to cover a wide variety of job class.  And tag people by the job category.

Ask three friends whom they would recommend.

A website can’t solve the problem of lack of diversity within the film business, but it can address the answer that most people give of why there is a lack of diversity.  If everyone can respond on how easy it is to find good candidates a barrier will be broken.

I already am working three jobs (running the film society, blogging, and producing) or I would volunteer to run it too.  But for now I can only make the suggestion and promise to contribute.

What are you going to do?

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  1. Caitlin McCarthy / Jun 3 at 11:00am

    If people are looking for unproduced spec scripts written by women and diverse writers, take a look at who is winning film festival screenplay competitions and screenwriting labs (and not just Sundance, Tribeca, and Nicholl). It’s shocking how many winners of respectable competitions never get one call or email — and how the industry pays little to no attention to these wins, yet complains about the lack of fresh original specs.

  2. Out in the Street Films / Jun 3 at 11:00am

    This is essentially a database. And we have one: IMDb. Simply find the films you love or the films you love that are most like the one you are making and find the people who worked on them.

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