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September 20 at 8:15am

Simple Fix: List Of Where To Get Money For Your Film

By Ted Hope

I was meaning to build more Simple Fixes.  I have posted some here already.  Imagine how fast and far we could travel, if we all just generated a Simple Fix a month.  Or even a year.  Our progress would be astounding.

Here our filmmaker world people generally desire first and foremost to get funding for their film.  You’d think there would be a single place you could turn to and find all the sources gathered or at least many of them.  I don’t know of such a place.

So I built one.  Here is a Pintrest board of Places That Offer Funding For Films.  Sure you still have to apply or do other work, but good things come to those who put in the effort (generally speaking, since of course this world is not fair..

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  1. Heidi Haaland / Sep 20 at 8:15am

    Say… Maybe that Digital Platform list could eventually be a Pinterest Board. Or Boards ;)

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