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March 27 at 12:34pm

Awesome Filmmaker Program In Amsterdam

By Ted Hope

You should fly in this June to Amsterdam.  I am going to.  Check it out here.

The Binger FilmLabs’ “Filmmaking In The Digital Age” kicks off June 10th with yours truly, but it keeps on getting better from there.

Look at this program!

Day 1 June 10 The Artist as Entrepreneur
Ted Hope opens the event with his keynote The Artist as Entrepreneur. 
Wendy Bernfeld supplements his talk with her global overview of the digital landscape.

Day 2 June 11 Interactive storytelling: reality check
Michel Reilhac delves into the creative and monetary aspects of making transmedia stories. This 3-hour reality check looks at the challenges of interactivity from a hands-on perspective, with a realistic approach to weaknesses and strengths of a new language in the making.

Day 3 June 12 Microwave
– Part 1 - Mia Bays introduces Microwave, the acclaimed UK micro-budget feature film scheme from Film London, in partnership with BBC Films, and the notions that fuel it.
– Part 2 – In a panel talk with (inter)national filmmakers, including U.S. Indie filmmaker Matt Porterfield, Mia further discusses the changing roles of producers and filmmakers in the digital age.
– Part 3 - LILTING, a Microwave film, features as a case study.

Day 4 June 13 Selling your film without selling your soul
– Part 1 – In “Who is the audience?” Sheri Candler elaborates on the various tools for DoItYourself audience building and marketing. Strong focus on documentary included. I AM DIVINE (doc) andPAPADOPOULOS & SONS feature as case studies.
– Part 2 – In “New media: New Players” Wendy Bernfeld talks with players in the field of (Dutch) online & pay platforms.

Day 5 June 14 Audience in the Mind
– Part 1 – In “What drive the audience?” Peter Buckingham zooms in on theatrical distribution and discusses developments in audience behavior, looking at the digital age from a consumer’s point of view.
– Part 2 – “Opportunities & roadblocks in the digital age” is an Audience Q&A with expert panel, including Peter Buckingham, Mia Bays, Kate LeysFilm London‘s Tessa Inkelaar and more.


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