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May 24 at 8:09am

Is Google TV What Indies Have Been Waiting For?

Scott Macauley tipped me to NoFimSchool’s post on Google TV. It, along with all the excellent links in the comments there, have picked up my spirits. Now with a little SEO strategy, maybe everyone can get a bit closer to having their work seen. Maybe soon they can even make some money from that and pay off this expensive hobby we have!

If you prefer to get your news from a major source, here’s how the LATimes are covering it. It’s true that with all the myriad of options, we need better search tools. I just wish that people would offer more filters. It’s one thing to be able to find what we are looking for, but we still need to know what it is that we want — particularly if we want to make other work that that which is justified by a huge marketing spend.

I know I want a few trusted curators. Let me know if you know where I may find them.

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